If you volunteer more than 10 hours at Alcott, you are eligible for the Microsoft Volunteer Match Benefit program where Alcott PTSA gets paid $17.00 for every hour you volunteer.

Here is the policy from Microsoft:

An employee must complete an initial minimum of 10 volunteer hours with a single eligible organization before he/she is eligible to request a volunteer matching gift for an organization. This minimum applies to each organization the employee volunteers with. Hours volunteered at multiple organizations or by multiple individuals cannot be combined. The matching gift can only be made to the organization at which the employee volunteers the hours. Initial volunteer matching gift requests which are less than 10 hours per organization will not be fulfilled.

When an employee has met their initial 10 hour minimum requirement at an organization, additional requests to match time volunteered at the same organization can be submitted on an ongoing basis in full one hour increments.

Eligible volunteer hours must have been completed and submitted for a match by the employee within 12 months of the date of the volunteer activity in order to be eligible for a volunteer matching gift. Matching requests not submitted within 12 months of the volunteer activity will not be matched.