Alcott Art Docent Curriculum Files

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Kindergarten Lessons 1st Grade Lessons 2nd Grade Lessons

Modern Cubic

Monet Impressionism


Primary & Secondary Colors

Sill Life

VanGogh Impressionism

Color & Shape

East Asian Art

Ethnic Art

Textiles - Molas of Panama

Native American Pottery

Organic & Geometric Lines

Vertical & Horizontal Lines


Asian Art - Calligraphy

Fantasy Art

Relative Size

Organic & Geometric Architecture

Warm & Cool Colors

3rd Grade Lessons 4th Grade Lessons 5th Grade Lessons 6th Grade Lessons

Aboriginal Art

Abstract Art

African Descendants

Analogous Colors


Tints & Shades

Vanishing Point

Complementary Colors

Design & Composition

Native American Masks

Native American Motifs

Non-Objective Art

Romantic Art

Shape & Shadow


Folk Art

Full Length Portrait

Modern Glass Art

Northern European Art

Norwegian Art

Observational Drawing

Renaissance Art


3D on 2D Surface


African Masks

Byzantine Art

Cave Art

Copyright Law

Cuneiform Writing

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Note: Some of the PowerPoint files have been reduced in file size in order to upload them to the Alcott PTSA site. The files your Alcott teacher accesses have not been reduced and are print quality.