We are looking for community members who are interested in joining our leadership team. 

Our newly adopted organizational structure 

  1. allows more people to get involved - providing a more diverse set of inputs and therefore a better representation of our diverse community;
  2. ensures a better spread of workload - all positions can be shared among 2 people; many positions are only for a specific event or need a limited amount of hours of dedication;
  3. offers many smaller positions - allowing people new to the PTSA to get involved;


Click here to find more information for each position.

The 2019-20 Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for any of the above listed positions. You can nominate yourself or others by using the print or online form below.

If you have any recommendations or would like more information, contact nominationCommittee@alcottptsa.org



Washington State PTA Nominating Committee Handbook

2019-20 Nomination Form - print

2019-20 Online Nomination Form

2019-20 Nomination Report



last updated 2/20/2019