The origins of Parent Teacher Associations are in grassroots advocacy for improvements in the lives of all children at a local, state, and government level. In fact, we can thank the National PTA for the creation of Kindergarten classes, school lunch programs, health and safety policies, arts in education, education funding, and many more issues we benefit from to this day.

Now it's our turn: here is the opportunity for your voice to be heard! Help set the direction of legislative principles for Washington State PTA for the coming year. Alcott PTSA advocacy chair, Yingju Ren, will be attending the Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly October 20-21st on behalf of Alcott PTSA members. She wants to hear from you to support Alcott PTSA's views on what issues impact our children the most.

Please take a moment to review both the voter guide and survey to share your feedback. If you have any questions or are curious about how to get involved, please contact Yingju Ren at

Thank you in advance for your support,

Alcott PTSA Board of Directors

p.s. Not a member yet? There is still time! Join Alcott PTSA to put the power of membership to work.