Our Annual Fundraising Campaign has started




We have a very ambitious goal of $70,000 this year and need everyone to help reach our goal.

Why are we raising money?

This year we have 31 classrooms and nearly 700 children. We want to bring academic enrichment and learning experiences that benefit EVERY child, EVERY day, in EVERY classroom.

How are we using the funds?

Our PTSA primarily raises money to fund academic enrichment and community development. Some ways you may see your children benefit include:
• Orca Folders and Agendas
• Assemblies – this year featuring MathBlast from Pacific Science Center
• Nature Vision Classes
• Library Resources and Author Visits
• Egg Drop
• Science Fair
• International Culture Night
• Music, PE, Teacher Materials….and so much more!!!
We hope you will support our students fundraising efforts this year by going online today. Donate generously and share the word with friends, family, and neighbors far and wide to help us support every child at Alcott.




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